A little about me

I grew up in the South, Louisiana and Florida.  In high school, I had a girlfriend who had come to Florida from Colorado.  She would tell me about the Rocky Mountains and show me her photos.  I would get to see those mountains for myself in 1976 when I was stationed at Lowry Air Force base.  I really enjoyed exploring and fishing in the Rocky Mountains whenever possible.  And, in 1980 I came back to make Colorado my home.  I went to school at the University of Colorado in Denver where I received a bachelor of arts degree in writing.  The aviation industry was where I spent the majority of my adult years employed, mostly as an aircraft mechanic and inspector.  While working for the airlines in 1997 I was rebuilding an old Victorian house in my spare time and became hooked on the home improvement show This Old House.  The host, Norm Abram, was my hero.  I read everything he wrote about woodworking and never missed an episode of his other show The New Yankee Workshop.  I started making projects that Norm featured on his show, mostly Shaker designs.  My hobby gradually consumed me and that was the beginning of my transition into woodworking.

Since then I have been inspired by many different craftsmen and styles ranging from Japanese Tansu, to Mission and Arts and Crafts, to Art Deco and finally to modern designs. I am also using Glass fiber reinforced concrete, GFRC, in some of my modern projects now.  I feel that the sign of a good piece is one that people want to touch and becomes more attractive as it ages.

My goal is to make a focal piece for your home that you will enjoy for years to come.  I have found that good communication between us right from the start of the project is key to a successful collaboration.

When I’m not in the shop or on an installation I enjoy hiking and fishing in the Rocky Mountains and road trips to our country’s great National Parks.